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We provide high quality dentistry for all the family & We have a highly talented and dedicated team who care that you understand every aspect of your dental treatment.

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Better Smiles With
Teeth Straightening

We provide a range of orthodontic treatments and teeth straightening procedures, from lingual braces to faster orthodontic treatments. Get in touch now for more info.

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Missing Teeth?
Dental Implants

Do you have gaps where you have lost teeth? The solution is dental implant treatment. Here are Priory Dental Clinic we can restore your smile, and re-build your confidence.

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Smile Tru Braces


Are you one of an increasing number of adult patients looking to improve their smile? Would you like to align your teeth quickly whilst maintaining maximum discreetness in your personal or professional life?

Smile Tru is perfect for anyone looking to align their teeth in a virtually invisible, comfortable and convenient way. Allowing you to achieve the smile you are truly dreaming of without anyone even noticing!

Smile Tru is highly versatile and can be used to treat a range of tooth problems including gaps and rotated, impacted, protruded or crooked teeth.

How does it work?

With the Smile Tru system you will be provided with a series of clear positioners that will gradually move your teeth quickly and discreetly. Each positioner will fit perfectly over your teeth feeling comfortable and secure and will have little impact on your ability to talk and smile.

The strong, clear positioners have no metal parts to rub your mouth. They are also resistant to staining and odour. Made from durable plastic they will blend into your teeth beautifully. In fact, unless you point them out its unlikely anyone will even see them!

Easily remove your positioners to eat and brush your teeth well- allowing you to keep them clean and healthy. Take them out for special occasions if you’d like to, provided you wear them for as long as possible the rest of the time it’s not a problem!

While some orthodontic treatments can be expensive, Smile Tru often proves a highly cost effective and affordable approach thanks to the greatly reduced treatment times.

Digitally made specifically for you…

We are proud to provide our patients with the most innovative and cutting edge orthodontic treatments.  Your Smile Tru positioners will be individually measured, designed and manufactured especially for you with the use of advanced 3D digital technology. Impressions and x-rays of your teeth will be taken by us at Priory Dental and sent to the Smile Tru laboratory.

Here they will input the data into their computer system- allowing them to calculate the sequence of movement and the forces required. This technology allows us to see how your teeth will move, what they will look like afterwards- and give you a very good idea of how long the process might take before you’ve even started!

Your full set of positioners will be produced in advance and made available for you to collect from us at two weekly intervals.

Simply return to us to collect your positioners with regular check-ups in between.  These will be scheduled as necessary.

How long does Smile Tru take?

Obviously the length of treatment will depend on your case but on average, treatment with Smile Tru only takes around 6 months. This makes it an attractive and also very affordable option for many of our patients. Following a consultation we will be able to advise you further on timescales and costs of your treatment- before you decide whether to go ahead.

How can I help with my Smile Tru treatment?

  • It’s important to look after your positioners especially when they are not in use. Store them in the supplied box and keep them out of direct heat, sunlight and away from children.
  • We can provide you with special cleaner to help keep your positioners fresh and hygienic. It’s important to use this and not soap or toothpaste which can cause damage.
  • While you are able to remove your positioners as required, it is important to wear them for as many hours as possible during the day – otherwise your treatment could be delayed.
  • Always take you positioners out to eat and drink (anything other than water) and remember to clean your teeth well twice a day.
  • If you do notice any discomfort or sensitivity when wearing your positioners (this can be common due to tooth movement) then standard painkillers which are available in many chemists and supermarkets should help.
  • You may find it a little difficult to talk with your positioners in at first or you may notice a little excess saliva in your mouth. This is quite normal and should quickly improve as you get used to them.
  • If you have any concerns at any time please contact Priory Dental for help and advice.


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