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Priory Dental Clinic

We provide high quality dentistry for all the family & We have a highly talented and dedicated team who care that you understand every aspect of your dental treatment.

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Better Smiles With
Teeth Straightening

We provide a range of orthodontic treatments and teeth straightening procedures, from lingual braces to faster orthodontic treatments. Get in touch now for more info.

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Missing Teeth?
Dental Implants

Do you have gaps where you have lost teeth? The solution is dental implant treatment. Here are Priory Dental Clinic we can restore your smile, and re-build your confidence.

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Dental Emergencies

Do you have a dental emergency?

There are many types of dental emergency. Examples could be a broken tooth, lost filling or a damaged crown. If you are in this position, you’ll want to be seen by a dentist quickly – particularly if you are in pain or unable to eat.

At Priory Dental we are able to provide a number of daily emergency appointments for our registered patients.

If you are a non-registered patient in need of emergency dental care we may also be able to see you – depending on availability.

If you want to be seen in the same day we ask that you contact us as early as possible in the morning, we are open from 8.30am (Mon to Fri).

For your convenience you can book ONLINE or over the phone. Call us on 01926 864015.

Our surgery hours are:

Mon – Fri – 8.30am – 5.30pm.

Tues – Late appointments available on request.

If the practice is closed you can seek further advice and information from:

NHS Emergency Helpline: 111


Emergency dental advice to help in the meantime

Follow our advice below to help temporarily relieve any pain and prevent further damage until you are able to visit.

I have a toothache – Until you can get to us, the best way of reducing any pain or swelling is to take a painkiller. Ensure you take a dose at regular intervals, even if you think it’s getting better. If the pain is intense, you can alternative different types of painkiller (ibuprofen and paracetamol). Always read the label prior to taking any medication and never exceed the recommended dose.

Some people find rubbing oil of clove on their gum helps to relieve any pain.

I’ve lost a filling – It is possible to temporarily replace a filling by sticking it down with a tiny piece of sugar free chewing gum. Push a small piece of chewed gum into the cavity, biting down gently to push the filling back on top. Avoid chewing on the tooth until you’ve had the filling replaced.

My crown has broken/fallen out – Denture adhesives and crown cement can be purchased from most pharmacies to help you re-attached a crown (provided it is still whole) on a temporary basis. Never re-attach a crown or filling yourself with household glues!

A crown can also be re-attached by using a small piece of sugar free gum pushed into the tooth to stick it in place. If the crown is broken or lost then cover your tooth in the same way as a lost filling above. Visit us as soon as possible for a replacement.

My tooth has broken – If a tooth has been chipped or damaged, collect up as many pieces as you can and store them in a small container of milk, sterile solution or saliva. Rinse your mouth with cold water. Bring the pieces of tooth with you when you visit. Take a painkiller to help if required.

My tooth has fallen out – Try not to panic, we know it’s scary, but the loss of an adult tooth is more common than you might think.  A tooth can be knocked out as a result of many things including sports, accidents, very hard foods and fights.

We can normally successfully replace and save a lost tooth. You can help the chances of success by following the instruction below:

  • If possible re-insert the tooth into the hole in your gum. Bite down gently on a clean cloth to help hold it in place.
  • Don’t touch the roots or any soft tissues attached to the tooth and please don’t clean it in any way.
  • If you can’t get it back into your gum, store your tooth in a small container filled with milk or saliva. Sterile solutions can be purchased from pharmacies. Never use tap water.
  • Reduce any pain and swelling with painkillers and/or by placing something cold over the area.

Baby tooth – Baby teeth are often lost earlier than expected and therefore this is not generally considered an emergency – unless the child is in pain or part of the tooth is still in the gum.

If necessary, a child painkiller such as Calpol can be given. Ice cream, cold drinks and a cold compress can help relieve any pain or swelling.

Never attempt to re-insert a baby tooth. This could have an effect on the gum and new adult tooth underneath. Milk teeth are meant to fall out eventually so hopefully it won’t be too long until a new tooth appears in its place.

If you have any concerns at all please call us.