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Welcome to
Priory Dental Clinic

We provide high quality dentistry for all the family & We have a highly talented and dedicated team who care that you understand every aspect of your dental treatment.

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Better Smiles With
Teeth Straightening

We provide a range of orthodontic treatments and teeth straightening procedures, from lingual braces to faster orthodontic treatments. Get in touch now for more info.

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Missing Teeth?
Dental Implants

Do you have gaps where you have lost teeth? The solution is dental implant treatment. Here are Priory Dental Clinic we can restore your smile, and re-build your confidence.

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Bridges provide a permanent solution for the replacement of missing teeth in addition to stability and support for teeth surrounding the gap. When a tooth is missing, the surrounding teeth can move and drift into the empty space, which can cause problems with your jaw joint and bite.

Replacing the missing Teeth

Replacing the teeth depends on the number of teeth missing and where they are in the mouth. The condition of the other teeth also affects the decision. There are three ways to replace the missing teeth. The first is with a removable false tooth or teeth, a partial denture. The second way is with a fixed bridge. A bridge is usually used where the gap borders to solid teeth, which have already crowns or large fillings. The third way is with an (root) implant and a crown.