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We provide high quality dentistry for all the family & We have a highly talented and dedicated team who care that you understand every aspect of your dental treatment.

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Better Smiles With
Teeth Straightening

We provide a range of orthodontic treatments and teeth straightening procedures, from lingual braces to faster orthodontic treatments. Get in touch now for more info.

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Missing Teeth?
Dental Implants

Do you have gaps where you have lost teeth? The solution is dental implant treatment. Here are Priory Dental Clinic we can restore your smile, and re-build your confidence.

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Azzalure & Botox Wrinkle Reducing Injections

A quick, comfortable and non-surgical way to enhance the look of your skin.

Over time our skin loses elasticity and hydration, causing fine lines and wrinkles to appear.

These wrinkles are increased by the daily movements in our face, such as smiling, frowning and pursing of the lips. Other factors such as what we eat, whether we smoke or drink and how much time we spend in the sun can have a significant effect on the condition of our skin causing it to age more quickly.

Our Associate Dentist’s Dr Sheila Glaze and Dr Caroline Milner have both undertaken extensive training in in Harley Street, London and are fully qualified and experienced in providing facial aesthetic treatments including Azzalure (similar to Botox) and other dermal fillers. If you’re looking for a treatment with a similar effect as Botox in Kenilworth, Azzalure is the ideal treatment.

Azzalure® makes use of the drug botulinum toxin type A- the same used in the highly popular and very well- known Botox®. The drug works by temporarily relaxing specific facial muscles, effectively preventing them from creasing or wrinkling the skin.

Botulinum Toxin type A has been used as a medical treatment Worldwide for over 20 years and as a cosmetic treatment in the UK for 10 years. It is considered highly safe, comfortable and consistent in its effects.

Azzalure is suitable for use on fine to moderate wrinkles. It is most commonly used to smooth the top parts of the face- effectively reducing crow’s feet and frown lines found around the eyes and forehead.

It can also be successfully used to reduce smile lines around the mouth.

While Azzalure is effective on many types of wrinkle, more deep set lines and folds may require the use of dermal fillers.


Your Azzalure treatment will be administered with a very fine needle to ensure it is highly targeted and so that there is little effect on the rest of your face. An anaesthetic is present in the injection so it will feel comfortable. You may notice a little redness or swelling following the procedure. This is normal and should disappear within a few hours.


The great thing about Azzalure is that it is quick to administer (around 15-30 minutes) and is also highly convenient. Many of our busy patients fit in an appointment over lunch and carry on their day straight afterward. You don’t need any time to recover following treatment.


It can take a couple of days before the effects of Azzalure are visible. Results are subtle and very natural looking and can last for up to 6 months in some patients. Many clients find that with regular use, the effects of Azzalure can last longer. For best effect, it is recommended you repeat your treatment after around 3 months.


You will be given instructions and advice following any treatment. In the immediate hours afterwards it’s important that you don’t move around too much (don’t bend or exercise) and try to avoid pulling any strong facial expressions. It’s also important not to rub or massage your face too hard.

Remember to avoid any strong heat, cold and sunlight for a couple of weeks. Likewise, don’t have any beauty treatments such as facials.


Azzalure is not suitable for everyone. We will advise you at your consultation – taking into account your general health and medical history. Azzalure is not recommended for pregnant or breast feeding women. It is also unsuitable for anyone under 18 or who has hypersensitivity or certain muscle disorders.

If you’d like to find out more about having Azzalure in Kenilworth please call us today to book a FREE consultation.

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